Spatial Data Science across Languages (SDSL) 2024

18–19 September, 2024, Prague, Czechia

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Spatial data science, using the words of Luc Anselin (2019), is a data science that treats location, distance, and spatial interaction as core aspects of the data and employs specialised methods and software to store, retrieve, explore, analyse, visualise and learn from such data. While this definition can be a bit long, it is, first and foremost, precise. Although the foundation of spatial data science revolves around the location and spatial dimension of data, its essence lies in the code, often written in R, Julia, or Python. At the core of this code are libraries and packages that support every aspect of the work. These tools are being developed by diverse communities that occasionally stretch across languages but oftentimes stick to their own. The Spatial Data Science across Languages workshop aims to bridge this language barrier and bring these communities together to discuss their differences and commonalities and find ways to discuss, cooperate, and synchronise the efforts.

The first installment of the workshop, which was held in 2023 in Münster, Germany, has opened many topics. The second workshop aims to follow up on some of those and touch others that did not get enough attention the last time. At the same time, it will pick up the latest developments in the field and discuss where it should lead next.

The topics you may expect to be part of the discussion include:

However, the list is not exhaustive or fixed.

The goal of the workshop is to attract a maximum of 30 on-site attendees.


The workshop will be held Sept 18 & 19, 2024, at the Geographical Institute of the Charles University.

The address is:

Albertov 6
128 00, Praha 2

(OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)

Program Committee

Local committee

In case of any queries, please contact Daniela (daniela.dancejova@natur.cuni.cz) or Martin (martin.fleischmann@natur.cuni.cz).


The registration for in-person attendance is now closed due to capacity reasons. Registration for online attendance is still open. Please register using the registration form. If you believe we should secure an additional in-person spot for you, reach out to Martin.

The registration fees for on-site participation:

The fees will be primarily used to cover the cost of catering for on-site participants. Payment details will be shared with the registered participants soon. In some circumstances, we may be able to waive the fee. Please indicate the request in the form and we will follow up with you.

Note that the number of participants is limited.

Online Attendance

Online attendance will be possible. Online participation is free of charge. If you plan to join the symposium online, please indicate that in the registration form.


SDSL has a Discord server that will be used for communication during the workshop. Please join via https://discord.gg/HJRKEJsmrr.


The exact program is to be announced. We expect it to cover both days, roughly from 9 to 17h.

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